VW Bug Gasser

The VW Bug Gasser is a classic Volkswagen Beetle that has been modified and customized to compete in drag racing events. The term “Gasser” refers to the type of racecar that was popular in the 1950s and 1960s, which typically had a high-riding front end, a modified engine, and large rear tires for added traction.

Some popular modifications made to VW Bug Gassers include a lowered roofline, custom paint jobs, and upgraded suspension systems. Many also feature beefed-up engines with high-performance parts such as superchargers, custom carburetors, and nitrous oxide injection systems.

While the VW Bug Gasser may look like a small, unassuming car, it has the potential to be a powerhouse on the drag strip. Its light weight and rear-engine configuration make it well-suited for drag racing, and with the right modifications, it can achieve impressive speeds and acceleration times. The VW Bug Gasser is a unique and eye-catching vehicle that is sure to turn heads at any car show or drag racing event.

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