Chevy Vette Pro Street

The Chevy Vette Pro Street is a heavily modified version of the classic Chevrolet Corvette sports car. Pro Street refers to a drag racing class that involves heavily modified streetcars that are built for maximum performance on the quarter-mile. The Chevy Vette Pro Street is a popular choice for this class due to its lightweight body and powerful V8 engine.

The modifications on a Chevy Vette Pro Street typically include a tubular chassis, a narrowed rear end to accommodate wider rear tires, and a modified suspension for improved handling and traction. The engine is often upgraded with high-performance components such as forged pistons, forged crankshafts, and aftermarket camshafts.

The interior of a Chevy Vette Pro Street is often stripped down to reduce weight, and a roll cage is installed for safety. The exterior is usually customized with a large hood scoop, fender flares, and a wide variety of custom paint and graphics.

Overall, the Chevy Vette Pro Street is a high-performance drag racing machine that combines the classic styling of the Corvette with the latest in racing technology. Whether you’re a fan of street racing or just appreciate custom cars, the Chevy Vette Pro Street is sure to impress.

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