1969 Road Runner

The 1969 Road Runner was a popular muscle car produced by Plymouth. It was based on the compact Belvedere platform and was designed to appeal to young buyers looking for affordable high-performance vehicles. The Road Runner was named after the popular cartoon character and featured a distinctive horn that mimicked the cartoon’s sound.

Under the hood, the Road Runner offered a variety of engine options, including a 383-cubic inch V8 engine that delivered 335 horsepower, a 440-cubic inch V8 engine that delivered 390 horsepower, and even a special version of the 426-cubic inch Hemi engine that delivered 425 horsepower.

On the exterior, the Road Runner featured a distinctive grille, hood scoops, and a cartoon image of the Road Runner. The interior was designed to be functional and featured simple, durable materials.

The 1969 Road Runner was a popular car among muscle car enthusiasts and remains a sought-after collector’s item today. It was also featured in the popular car movie “Fast and Furious”.

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