1971 Plymouth Duster

In 1970, the Plymouth Duster was unveiled as a less expensive replacement for the well-liked Plymouth Barracuda. Despite being reasonably priced, the Duster was favorably embraced by fans of muscle cars and quickly grew in popularity. But performance fans rarely choose the Slant Six engine, which makes Steve Nitti’s Duster all the more exceptional.

In a world of V8-powered automobiles, Steve Nitti’s 1971 Plymouth Duster is a vintage muscle car that sticks out. This Duster is unlike any other vehicle on the road since it features a supercharged Slant Six engine that produces an amazing 600 horsepower. The passion and commitment of its owner, Steve Nitti, are evident in this vehicle, which is really a work of art.

n January 1972, Steve finds a nice deal on this Slant Six Automatic 1971 Plymouth Duster from a dealership after becoming tired of using his father’s aged 4-door Buick. Steve purchased a brand-new vehicle for himself for $2,200 when the sticker price was $2,800. He also saved some money for future dates.

Steve Nitti brought his Duster to Sharadon Performance in Hugo, Minnesota for a complete restoration in order to produce the astonishing 600 horsepower. Steve Nitti trusted the Sharadon Performance team to realize his idea because of their reputation for creating high-performance engines. The end product is a vintage car that not only looks incredible but also drives just like a real muscle vehicle.

The addition of a supercharger to the Slant Six engine is one of this Duster’s most distinctive characteristics. This Duster has become a true performer as a result of the supercharger’s substantial boost in engine power output. The car also has a unique suspension system and exhaust that improve its performance even further.

With his 600hp Supercharged Slant Six Plymouth Duter and Plymouth Barracuda Formula S, Steve has received numerous awards, but what really important to him are the wonderful experiences he has with both Mopars. Both of the cars are still in his ownership, and he enjoys telling tales.

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